We worry about the detail so our clients don't have to


Welcome to Accent Insurance Brokers

We hope you find our website informative and you find what you have been looking for. The information here is designed to give you a brief overview of who we are and what we can do for you.

Clients’ understanding in the use of technology to make their financial decisions is becoming more and more common. We use up to date software for needs analysis all the way through to the client recommendation document, and can even include an electronic application with some companies. We also offer a limited advice process/solution if the clients instructs us to do so.

We use the latest technology for document storage and retrieval, which has transformed our business and has made us even more responsive to the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Our advisers have more than 80 years combined insurance experience and are confident we can fulfil your current and future insurance requirements.

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Products & Services

Risk Products

Whatever your circumstances in life, Accent Insurance can provide you with a plan to safeguard you, your family or your business. We will discuss what you need and then aim to provide a plan with the maximum benefits for premiums that will suit your price range and current insurance requirements. Please refer to policy documents for full policy wordings.

  • Life Assurance

    A lump sum benefit that provides the sum assured to the policy owner upon death of the life assured. Also available is the Terminal Illness benefit that pays the policy owner
a lump sum should the life assured be diagnosed by two independent doctors as having less than a year to live.

  • Income Protection

    A plan that provides a monthly salary should you not be able to work through either accident or illness – tailored to meet all the family’s current and future requirements.

    How do you meet your financial commitments if the household income stops?

    Do you have cash reserves to cover medium to long term disabilities?

    Premiums can be tax deductible. Please refer to your Accountant.

  • Family Income Plan

    This tax paid benefit enables you to leave a regular fixed monthly income for those who depend upon you financially after your death. You select how much and for how long the benefit is to be paid. This type of benefit is an ideal complement to lump sum insurance and relieves problems frequently associated with lump sum payments.

  • Critical Care - Trauma – Living Assurance

    A lump sum benefit that provides the sum assured to the policy owner should the life assured suffer from a major health condition and survive 14 days without the assistance of life support equipment. Heart attacks, cancer, strokes and kidney failure are amongst a host of ‘traumas’ covered under this policy.

    This can be available as an advance against the Life Assurance benefit or as a stand-alone lump sum benefit.

  • Total & Permanent Disability

    A lump sum benefit that provides the sum assured to the policy owner upon Total and Permanent Disablement. This benefit can be available as an advance against the Life Assurance Benefit or as a stand-alone benefit. A lump sum payment is usually made in the event of the life assured being off work for three consecutive months and unlikely to resume in any or own occupation that the assured may be reasonably suited by education, training or experience.

  • Health Insurance

    Vitally important for almost everyone in this era, products range from Major Medical only, Major Medical plus Specialists, to Major Medical plus Specialists including G.P. Fees

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Business Assurance

Every staff member in your business is important. However, there may be some staff members that are critical to your trading operations.

  • Key Person Protection

    Every staff member in your business is important. However, there may be some staff members that are critical to your trading operations.

    How would your business survive or could the business cope if it lost a Keyperson?


  • Shareholder Protection

    It is important to know what would happen to the ownership of your business, in the event you or one of your fellow shareholders suffers a major illness or serious accident. Shareholder Protection along with a robust succession agreement can help your business avoid or minimise potential instability if such a tragedy was to happen.


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Employee Benefits

Every business owner would be lost without their employees. They are the integral part of any successful business. Your staff are there to help provide a service and to meet supply and demand. Employees are the key to any business’s growth and prosperity.

  • Employee Benefits

    Providing insurance options to your employees will give your business a competitive advantage because it can help you attract the right people, as well as retain and provide protection for existing staff. It also helps to remove the moral dilemma you may face when it comes to helping the families of staff who are disabled or die.

    Additionally it could enhance your reputation as a caring employer and builds loyalty and trust within your organisation.

Please feel free to download our brochure on employee benefits products

The Accent Insurance Brokers Team

We worry about the detail so our clients don't have to

Paul Greenwood

Managing Director - Auckland Office

As the Director of Accent Insurance Brokers, my reputation is on the line every time I make recommendations to clients. I stand 100% behind every policy and product I promote.

After two decades in the business, I am confident my team and I can fulfil your every requirement for top notch financial advice and excellent risk coverage

At Accent Insurance Brokers, we are constantly in the marketplace looking for great deals for our clients. We go beyond that, not only in matching the appropriate products and advice to our clients, but also scouring the fine print of each policy and wordings we find to make sure they are completely protected against all of life’s contingencies.

Paul's Disclosure document

Foster van Gruting

South Island - Christchurch Office

Since arriving in New Zealand Foster has used his legal background and insurance knowledge to assist many clients to achieve their financial goals. During his career in New Zealand, Foster worked as an advisor for two major banks before establishing his own financial advice company. He later joined a larger broker and helping them service their clients in the financial services industry. For a number of years Foster was a Client Advisor for the Public Trust.

Foster joined Accent Insurance Brokers Limited (South Island) as an independent Financial Risk Consultant based in Christchurch. Foster is a professional and reliable adviser whose aim is to secure a quality future for his clients through lifelong service and financial advice.

Foster's Disclosure document

Testimonials from some of our Clients

Paul has been looking after my insurances for many years, I commend him for his integrity, industry knowledge, impartial advice and his attention to customer service.

Client in the IT Industry
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